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Frosty Blooms Flower Arrangement in San Rafael, CA | BURNS FLORIST
Frosty Blooms
Flower Arrangement
These heavenly blooms are unforgettable! Featuring radiant white magnolias, pretty white oriental lilies, angelic white roses, stylish white alstroemeria, and enticing green hypericum, Frosty Blooms is an effortless winter beauty. Pure and poetic, this flawless bouquet will bring the winter spirit to any home!
Festive Evergreen Flower Bouquet in San Rafael, CA | BURNS FLORIST
Festive Evergreen
Flower Bouquet
Send some joy this holiday season with our Festive Evergreen arrangement. This jubilant design is bursting with bright red spray roses and gerberas, decadent white tulips, and vibrant evergreens. Send this joyful arrangement to celebrate the season!
Beautiful Christmas Florals Premium Designer's Choice in San Rafael, CA | BURNS FLORIST
Beautiful Christmas Florals
Premium Designer's Choice
It’s the time for Christmas cookies, luminous lights, and festive flowers! Send something extraordinary with our Premium Designer’s Choice Christmas arrangement. These magnificent flowers designed by professionals will have them wanting to celebrate Christmas every day. Besides, it’s never too early for flowers!
Starry Holiday Flower Arrangement in San Rafael, CA | BURNS FLORIST
Starry Holiday
Flower Arrangement
Celebrate your holiday season with a bright and festive arrangement filled with red carnations, white lilies, baby eucalyptus, and more. Seasonal greens such as the beautiful holly make Starry Holiday the perfect gift this season.
Fa-La-La Fabulous Arrangement in San Rafael, CA | BURNS FLORIST
Fa-La-La Fabulous
This fabulous, festive bouquet is chockful of reds, whites and plenty of holiday style and elegance! Let BURNS FLORIST deliver this beautiful Christmas gift, along with your wishes for a fabulous holiday season.
Cupid's Christmas Floral Design in San Rafael, CA | BURNS FLORIST
Cupid's Christmas
Floral Design
We must have been hit by Cupid’s arrow because we are loving this arrangement! Gorgeous red roses, tulips, and alstroemeria are paired beautifully with Christmas greens, making Cupid's Christmas a festive bouquet they’ll adore. Stunning and vibrant, this arrangement will have them falling in love over and over again!
24 Radiant Roses Red Roses Arrangement in San Rafael, CA | BURNS FLORIST
24 Radiant Roses
Red Roses Arrangement
Sometimes a dozen roses just won't do! Express your love with this magnificent display of roses! Let the message be clear with beautiful red roses from someone they love.

How do I take care of the flowers I ordered?

Once you have received your flowers for Christmas, you would like to preserve their beauty as long as possible. Below we have provided fresh flower care tips to help guide you.

First things first
Remove the plastic that may have been wrapping your flowers. Once the plastic wrapping is removed, your flowers will be able to breathe. Next, fill a vase with fresh water for your flowers.

Where you place your flowers can make a difference
Extreme temperatures can be harmful to the delicacy of your flowers. Do your best to avoid placing them in areas they will be too hot. This could include windowsills, direct sunlight all day, or an overly hot room. This can cause your flowers to wilt or dry out more quickly. Most flowers thrive best in cooler and more controlled conditions.

Ethylene gas can damage the lifespan of your flowers. So it is important to avoid placing your flowers near any fruit or in the line of cigarette smoke.

Maintaining a beautiful presentation
Periodically tend to your flowers to help preserve their beauty.

  • For vase arrangements, provide your flowers with fresh water. Your flowers will drink the water they need to provide themselves with proper hydration.
  • For basket arrangements, we recommend providing your flowers with daily fresh water.
  • When the water in your vase becomes cloudy, clean out your vase thoroughly with soap and water and then refill it with fresh water. Using soapy water to clean your vase will remove any bacteria that could cause your flowers to deteriorate more quickly.
  • For any wilting leaves or stems, remove the strongly wilted contents to help maintain your beautiful display.
  • Using a sharp knife, cut your stems at an angle one to two inches from the bottom of the stem. A fresh open stem will help your flowers absorb water for hydration. We recommend that you avoid using scissors to cut your flowers. Scissors can crush the stems and prevent the flowers from being able to absorb the water.